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A Tribute to the Songs of Women in the Holocaust


For You the Sun Will Shine – Songs of Women in the Shoa (2015)

For You the Sun Will Shine is a collaboration between vocalist Shulamit and musicians Frank London on trumpet and Shai Bachar on piano. The three artists perform are songs written by women during the Holocaust (Shoa).

”My greatest aspiration is for this music to live on as beautiful music, to be appreciated as art,” explains Shulamit. “It’s not about fancy melodies or complicated compositions. It’s about connecting with the immediate circumstances of the women who composed it, and it has the power to move people profoundly.”

The songs performed in German and other European languages have a bittersweet and melancholic feel. The arrangements feature a combination of classical music, early 20th century European popular songs and jazz.

The CD booklet provides details about the songwriters, the project and the song lyrics with English language translation.